Seismograph/ Accelerograph/ Microbarograph

  • Install 20 times more RS Pro stations for the price of a single broadband unit.
  • Tightly integrated into SeisComP to ensure minimal data latency and quick, accurate detections
  • Fast, plug-and-go installation
  • An all-in-one solution that integrates the sensors, digitizer, computer and GPS
  • Web interface to allow a rapid configuration
  • Earthquake Early Warning-compatible
  • Highly sensitive with 6 components: 3 accelerometers + 3 orthogonal 4.5 Hz geophones electronically extended to 2s
  • Optional infrasound sensor for volcano monitoring
  • 24-bit 144 dB digitizer
  • Native SeedLink and CAPS servers / miniSEED
  • GPS/ NTP timing
  • Pre generated DATALESS, inventory-xml, SAC_PZ and RESP files ready for download making integration with IRIS-DMC and SeisComP super easy

Etna to SeedLink Converter

  • Modernize your Kinemetrics K2/Etna! Easily convert your old K2/Etna into a modern SeedLink server with this adaptor
  • SeisComP (SeedLink/ MiniSEED) compatible
  • Earthworm (Tracebuf2) compatible
  • Event STA/LTA triggering and storage (Optional: ftp forwarding of events)
  • Configure your K2/Etna from the command-line interface
  • Tunnels to your home institution by busting through pesky firewalls
  • NTP timing
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Seismometer/ Accelerometer Calibration Table | respGen

  • Portable seismometer/ accelerometer calibration table that can be used in the field or the laboratory
  • Verify the gain for accelerometers, accelerographs, seismometers and seismographs
  • Compatible with all broadband and short-period seismometers and accelerometers
  • Verifies the entire instrumentation chain!
  • Micrometer precision
  • Easy to set up and use
  • People powered, NO motor and NO power supply required
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