Calibration Table Gain Software

  • Determine the gain from your Calibration Table with this software
  • Software developed to replace both the dispcal and tiltcal programs written by Doctor Erhard Wielandt
  • Verify the gain for accelerometers, accelerographs, seismometers and seismographs
  • Supports data from short-period and broad-band sensors in miniSEED format


Seismometer/Accelerometer Instrument Response Calibration Software

  • Confirm the entire instrument response curve, including the sensitivity, high and low corner frequencies
  • Determine the instrument response of a new sensor
  • Confirm the instrument response you have calculated for a new sensor
  • Confirm the nominal instrument response provided by the instrument manufacturer is as advertised in the IRIS Nominal Response Library (NRL)
  • Identify mechanical failures
  • Identify phase (polarity) and gain problems
  • Monitor the instrument responses of seismic instrumentation in your network or pool of campaign instrumentation
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Wave Server (OWS)

SeisComP SDS compatible replacing WWS

  • Wave Server (OWS) is a simpler system than the Winston Wave Server (WWS) so is easier to maintain
  • Using OWS you no longer have to implement the memory-hungry JAVA-based WWS
  • Swarm is no longer tied to Earthworm and can work with SeisComP or a stand-alone SeedLink server
  • OWS serves waveforms faster than the WWS
  • Using WS there is only one waveform database to maintain
  • The miniSEED waveform database is Linux friendly (e.g., cat a group a miniSEED files to create a super miniSEED file)
  • WS is not only well documented and rigorously maintained but comes with a guarantee of customer satisfaction, full support and continued development
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