Vertical Axis Seismograph


The adventure began with the RS1D. The first of its kind personal seismograph and our original Raspberry Shake. Combining a geophone sensor, digitizer, hyper-damper and computer, it is an all-in-one highly portable solution, with the turnkey version ready to go out of the box. 

The integrated geophone, a short period vertical velocity ground motion sensor, is incredibly sensitive.  It provides high quality data at 100 samples per second. Detect large earthquakes from across the globe, plus seismic and micro-seismic motion locally from both man-made and natural activity. See what the experts say about the Raspberry Shake from multiple peer reviewed publications.

Our entry-level model, the RS1D is the most affordable electronic seismograph on the market.  It not only incorporates professional hardware but also gives users access to a comprehensive and advanced ecosystem of in-house services and support. It is becoming increasingly popular as an educational tool for teaching STEM, especially since the launch of our dedicated “Shake Education” website.  Furthermore, multiple community outreach programs now use it worldwide including: StIRRRD, Seismology at School in Nepal, Oklahoma Geological Survey Community Program, Texas Educational Seismic Project.

Full technical details and specifications:


  • Plug and play professional vertical axis seismograph
  • Detect local micro-seismic activity & larger quakes across the world 
  • Popular with our Shake Education program and with community/outreach projects 
  • Cost-effective to install in remote areas or build your own seismic network
  • Free access to Raspberry Shake’s advanced ecosystem of services
  • Fast and easy set up
  • DIY and all-weather options available
  • SeisComP3 compatible with Native SeedLink Server / miniSEED
  • 24 bits ADC, Sigma-Delta, 144 dB dynamic range
  • Flat frequency response from ~2 seconds to ~40 Hz
  • Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) capable
  • Network Timing Protocol (NTP) with GPS timing supported


  • Gadget lovers and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts 
  • Makers(DIY) and hobbyists
  • Citizen scientists 
  • Educational facilities
  • Teachers/Professors


Compatible Software

  • Easy web-based configuration
  • ShakeNet mobile app for data visualization and earthquake monitoring
  • Web-based applications for data visualization compatible with Firefox/Chrome/ IE
  • Desktop applications for data visualization compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with all industry-standard seismological applications (e.g., ObsPy, SeisComP3, Earthworm)

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