Introducing the RS3D… the KING of the Shakes! This is our top of the line seismograph featuring three orthogonally positioned geophone velocity sensors, for millisecond accuracy and quality of data.  This is for both vertical and lateral motion.

Our turnkey model is ready to go out of the box, combining the seismometer sensors, digitizer, hyper-damper and computer all into a highly portable single unit. With a sample rate of 100 samples per second and a data shipment rate of four packets per second, it is Earthquake Early Warning capable. Monitor local and regional seismicity, geothermal activity, micro-seismic motion, and of course watch as waves from large earthquakes roll in from around the world.

The RS3D is a serious piece of kit for any true enthusiast or professional looking for high quality data across all three axes (east, north, and vertical; triaxial). It is highly compatible, easily integrated into existing networks, and can be deployed rapidly. Find out what the experts are saying from multiple peer-reviewed articles about the Raspberry Shake here

Full technical details and specifications:


  • Plug and play professional triaxial (east, north, and vertical)  short period seismograph
  • High quality data with three orthogonal velocity geophone sensors
  • Monitor local micro-seismicity and all magnitude quakes in 3D
  • Cost-effective solution to densify your existing seismic network
  • Fast and easy set up
  • All-weather enclosure available for field campaigns/outdoor applications
  • Free access to Raspberry Shake’s advanced ecosystem of services
  • SeisComP3 compatible with Native SeedLink Server / miniSEED
  • 24 bits ADC, Sigma-Delta, 144 dB dynamic range
  • Flat frequency response from ~2 seconds to ~40 Hz
  • Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) capable
  • Network Timing Protocol (NTP) with GPS timing supported


  • Citizen scientists
  • Professional Seismologists/Geophysicists
  • Businesses and institutes looking for a professional solution


Compatible Software

  • Easy web-based configuration
  • ShakeNet mobile app for data visualization and earthquake monitoring
  • Web-based applications for data visualization compatible with Firefox/Chrome/ IE
  • Desktop applications for data visualization compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with all industry-standard seismological applications (e.g., ObsPy, SeisComP3, Earthworm)

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