Seismographs and Infrasound Monitors

We build professional grade earth monitoring solutions that anyone can use to measure ground motion and infrasound activities.

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Premium entry level seismograph to analyze most significant ground motion of local and large global earthquakes. One geophone to see vertical movement.


Expert seismograph to analyze all details of local and large global earthquakes. Three orthogonal geophones to record vertical and horizontal ground motion.


Most advanced seismograph to analyze strong motion and micro seismic activities. Includes vertical geophone and three triaxial acceleration sensors.

Research & Science

Professional Seismic Solutions

Learn more about our solutions for Geophysical Institutes and University Researchers.

Research & Science

Raspberry Shake Data Center

Access all of the historical data from the Raspberry Shake network.

Highly Accessible & Compatible Software Solutions

Fully Integrated Software Solution

Fast and easy to setup, ready to record your first earthquake within minutes

ShakeNet Mobile App

Watch in real-time as earthquakes roll in from around the globe on your own Raspberry Shake and others on the network.

Web & Desktop Applications

Dig deeper into the data! Use our software tools to investigate and analyze ground motion captured across ShakeNet and your own device(s)

Explore Earth’s mysteries through high quality data

The Earth is always moving, even if you can’t always feel it. Detect ground motion right under your feet from both natural and human activity. Gain more awareness of earthquake activity in your area, and even watch powerful quakes roll in from around the planet.

Shakers Moving Things Forward

Voices From Shakers

It is a fun way to tinker with new technology, but it is also helping move the science forward. Not only does the Raspberry Shake detect and visualize earthquakes, but having citizen scientists share their Raspberry Shake data increases Oklahoma’s seismic network coverage, and allows the Oklahoma Geological Survey to detect more earthquakes more accurately. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Bringing the affordability of a piece of kit like this down to consumer level is a real achievement: previously this sort of equipment has only been available to universities, governments  and other bodies with the ability to make very big investments. As you have probably gathered; we love it.

It is more than a gadget! It can be used to locally densify networks to lower magnitude of completeness, it can be an alternative in regions where the situation does not allow the deployment of scientific grade seismometers, can also help for discriminating quarry blasts etc

Rémy Bossu, EMSC

Raspberry Shake Making The Headlines

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