Best Kickstarter I have backed thus far. So much fun, such a great community, astonishingly great support.


March 2017, Raspberry Shake,
was awarded the National Prize for Business Innovation

National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of Panama

The Earth is always shakingggggg! From local tremors, traffic rumbling by, fracking & quarry explosions and even nuclear testing, to the BIG earthquakes that hit half a world away… NOW you can see it ALL! The fun begins with Raspberry Shake, your professional grade personal earthquake detection device - or "seismograph" as the Pros call it! Raspberry Shake conveniently snaps right onto Raspberry Pi, the most popular single-board personal computer in the tech world.

Get your Raspberry Shake today and join thousands of others in monitoring the vibrations of the earth around you.

  • The Earth is always moving - This movement tells us things you may never have thought possible!
  • With the Raspberry Shake, watching the Earth’s vibrations LIVE from your computer is now a reality for anyone!
  • Previously this type of seismic monitoring was only possible by purchasing professional grade equipment which cost a minimum of 5000 dollars
  • Thanks to last years successful Kickstarter campaign, hundreds of people are enjoying watching the Earth move, right from their own home
  • For the Citizen Scientist, it is possible to actually see, measure and analyze the smallest movements of the Earth
  • Hobbyist and makers - there are tons of customization options for you, from data interpretation to designing your own custom enclosure!
  • If you love gadgets what could be better than knowing what the Earth is saying? - See the vibrations change in rush hour, or with an event at your local stadium!

What is it?!

Raspberry Shake Close Up

Raspberry Shake is a very clever little custom circuit board, that fits right onto the most popular single-board personal computer, the Raspberry Pi, transforming it into a professional grade personal seismograph. It is probably the smallest seismograph of its caliber in existence, but don’t let its size fool you - It can record earthquakes of all magnitudes, from the vanishingly small blips that are imperceptible to human senses, to the big destructive earthquakes that regularly happen around the world.

As soon as the Raspberry Shake is plugged in and set up, you can see, record and analyze the Earth’s motion in real time!

Raspberry Shake Little Sixaola Brother
Raspberry Shake, little brother of Sixaola seismograph made by OSOP

How Does It Work

Raspberry Shake has two main components

The main sensor is a geophone. You can think of it as a microphone for Earth vibrations. It is a rugged little Earth motion sensor that has been the standard in the oil exploration business for decades. As the Earth’s tectonic plates move about, as volcanoes erupt, as we inject fluids into the land around us ("frak-ing") and as we build more high-rise buildings, the Earth’s brittle crust cracks and creaks. The geophone is an exquisitely sensitive

sensor about the size of your thumb and has been finely tuned to accurately measure even the smallest disturbances.

The amplifier, digitizer and ARM processor. These things work in unison so that you can see the Earth’s motion continuously and in real-time on your computer screen.

How it all comes together

As the geophone captures the vibrations of the Earth, these vibrations are then amplified with ultra-quiet state-of-the-art Op Amps. Once amplified, the analog signal is digitized, the data is shipped to the ARM processor and bundled into one-second packets that are sent to your Raspberry Pi computer. The Raspberry Pi timestamps the data and stores it in a seismic industry standard data format (called miniSEED).

Device Specifications

Here goes a little bit of geeky stuff

Raspberry Shake Pinout Diagram
Raspberry Shake Pinout Diagram (top side v4.0 2016)

This is how you connect your Raspberry Shake to Raspberry Pi: Just plug it into the top of the Raspberry Pi's 40 pin header (or the 26 pin header for older models).

On the 40 pin header the Raspberry Shake uses five pins:

  • Power / RPi Pin 2
  • Ground / RPi Pin 6
  • TX / RPi Pin 8
  • RX / RPi Pin 10
  • Reset / RPi Pin 15 / GPIO 22
  • All other pins are unused.

For full technical details, see: Technical specifications

  • Raspberry Shake is a single channel 4.5 Hz geophone electronically extended to lower frequencies (down to 0.5 Hz)

  • It uses a 24 bit digitizer sampled at 50 sps (samples per second)

  • The data is delivered in standard miniSEED format

The Raspberry Shake circuit board (also known as a "hat" or "shield") is compatible with almost all Raspberry Pi models. With any Raspberry Pi Model B, Model B+, 2 Model B, 3 Model B, Zero and Zero W, you will be able to see Earth motion and earthquakes recorded by the Raspberry Shake.