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Be part of an Earth-monitoring network

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Seismometer in schools pilot launched in central Sulawesi

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Oklahoma Geological Survey hopes to boost earthquake awareness

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Engaging Citizen Seismologists Worldwide

“Most of what we know about Earth’s structure, dynamics, hazards, resources and exploration for raw materials comes from seismology.”

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Citizen Science in the Classroom: Raspberry Shake

“In the November/December 2018 issue of Science Scope, Raspberry Shake is the featured citizen science project. The issue’s theme focused on the science concepts of motion and stability.”

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These 5 moments made Michigan Stadium shake the most in 2018

“What do fans inside Michigan Stadium go nuts for more than a perfect fade route toss from Shea Patterson, a vicious sack from Devin Bush or a breakaway run from Karan Higdon?”

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I feel the Earth move under my feet (in Michigan)

“The University of Michigan is home to the largest stadium in the USA (the second-largest in the world!). So what better place to test for spectator-induced seismic activity than The Big House?”

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Antrim man to record sound data on Antrim Wind project

“An Antrim resident is installing a device on his property that will allow him to continuously monitor low-frequency sound waves generated at Antrim Wind Energy’s wind turbine installation when it goes live.”

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Working seismograph on display at Lawton Public Library

“It’s a way to educate the public about earthquakes and seismographs and just to learn a little bit more about how the earth moves and a little bit about geology. It’s informational and educational and entertaining all at the same time.”

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A revolution in seismic detection technology is underway

“Each of these novel ground motion sensor networks provide incredible opportunities for recording rich datasets with which to study the movement of waves through the Earth.”

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Desktop seismology: How a maker-inspired device is changing seismic monitoring

“It turns out that a seismograph smaller than a box of tissues has become a very useful tool for scientists and educators alike.”

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