The Team

The Driving Force

Behind every successful product are the people that make it happen. We have an outstanding team at Raspberry Shake and none of the company’s achievements would have been made possible without the incredible skills of all of these individuals.

Our team is made up of earthquake, computer and electronics professionals from many different parts of the world. Their ability to go above and beyond, and the quality of the work they produce is inspiring.  Together they are revolutionizing the seismic industry.

What was once only accessible to organizations with near unlimited budgets, is now accessible to anyone who is interested!

Team Members

Alberto Ferrero

Manufacturing Director


Administrative Assistant

Amilcar Watcher

Mechanical Engineer

Angel Rodriguez


Becky Suman

Administration & Logistics

Bernd Weber

Project Manager

Branden Christensen


Camilo Muñoz

Seismologist & Sales

Faustino Blanco

Seismologist & Sales

Gabriel Low

Educational Designer

Giuseppe Petricca

Technical Support

Holly Smith

Website Manager

Leif Lobinsky

Head of Design

Miguel Fuentes

Electronics Assistant

Mike Hotchkiss

Marketing Director

Richard Boaz

Software Director

Roberto Quintero



Lead Electronics Engineer

Vu Trinh

Software Developer

Wesley Vrancken

Software Developer

Winners of the National Award for Business Innovation

In October 2020, second place of the National Award for Business Innovation was obtained by the company Raspberry Shake, SA, with its project “Raspberry Shake Scientific Citizen Seismological Network”. It consists of a worldwide network of scientific citizens (unlike the majority that are from government institutions) that provide the information collected in their personal seismographs and share it for the benefit of all. No matter which version of Raspberry Shake you have, you can be part of this worldwide network and give back to the community through the data collected.

In March 2017, the Raspberry Shake team won the National Award for Business Innovation in Panama. An event organized by the National Secretary for Science, Technology, and Innovation (SENACYT), the Chamber of Commerce, and Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP).

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