Introducing EQView: earthquake solutions by Raspberry Shake

The Raspberry Shake citizen scientist network has grown large enough and dense enough to properly locate earthquakes and assign magnitudes.

@d3noob has been closely charting the growth of the Raspberry Shake network over time:

Source. See stationView for a map of the stations.

On January 23rd, the network reached 500 stations! Thats 0 to 500 in just one year!

In light of the continued network growth and after months of tuning and testing by our partners at gempa GmbH, we are re-launching EQView– global earthquake solutions generated using the Raspberry Shake network. Solutions will now match those displayed in the EQInfo mobile app.

This means that YOU are now your own source of earthquake solutions.

For example, see EQInfo for the recent earthquake in Alaska:

EQInfo for the recent earthquake in Alaska:

The denser the network, the faster and more accurate the earthquake solutions. So please help us spread the word.