Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that have fascinated scientists and the public alike for centuries. What if there was a way to harness the power of these earth-shaking events to better understand our planet? Enter Raspberry Shake, a state-of-the-art seismic monitoring system that is changing the game for enthusiasts and researchers alike allowing users to watch the Earth move from any natural and human activity that makes the ground shake.

But to truly unleash the potential of your Raspberry Shake device, it’s essential to connect it to the network and the Raspberry Shake Ecosystem of software. That’s where the ShakeNet Mobile App, StationView, and DataView come in. These powerful tools enable users to view and analyze seismic data from Raspberry Shake devices around the world, providing unprecedented insight into our planet’s natural and human induced vibrations.

In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of each of these groundbreaking software applications, and how they’re transforming seismic data acquisition, visualization and analysis. From monitoring seismic activity in real-time with the ShakeNet mobile app, to exploring a global network of Raspberry Shake devices with StationView, to analyzing seismic data from all channels with the DataView advanced visualization tools, Raspberry Shake is changing the way we understand the shakes happening right under our feet and on the other side of the planet.

Monitor your device from anywhere with the ShakeNet Mobile App

The ShakeNet Mobile App is a powerful tool that allows users to monitor their Raspberry Shake device from anywhere in the world. Available for both Apple and Android devices, ShakeNet provides a user-friendly interface for accessing live seismic data and viewing ground motion activity in real-time.

With ShakeNet, users can easily view data from their own Raspberry Shake device and from any other device in the Raspberry Shake network. The app allows users to select which station they want to view and see data in a variety of formats, including time-series plots and spectrograms, and can choose which channels to display.

One of the most exciting features of ShakeNet is the ability to view earthquake activity in real-time. Users can see the location and magnitude of earthquakes which have happened either locally, or on the other side of the planet, and the app will show a countdown to when the seismic wave of the event is expected to reach your Shake!

ShakeNet is also useful for monitoring seismic activity while on-the-go. Users can access ShakeNet from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy to stay informed about earthquake activity even when you are away from home.

ShakeNet is an essential tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their Raspberry Shake device. With its user-friendly interface, real-time earthquake monitoring capabilities, and on-the-go access, the ShakeNet mobile app is an indispensable tool.

Join a global seismic network with StationView

StationView is a key part of the Raspberry Shake software Ecosystem, offering users a way to access real-time data from their Shake devices and view live earthquake activity from around the world right from your desktop browser. This online software provides a global map of all Raspberry Shake stations, including your own, along with a comprehensive list of recent earthquakes.

The StationView map has been a part of Raspberry Shake since its inception and is the first place many users visit when they power up their Shake for the first time to see their own device pop up on the interactive map.

The benefits of using StationView are numerous. First and foremost, it allows you to monitor your Shake device and view live data from anywhere in the world. By selecting your Shake on the map, you can watch the real-time data feed of that station in the sidebar. Additionally, StationView gives you access to a range of display options, including the ability to view stations and events by Shake type, date, distance, and magnitude.

Another major benefit of StationView is the ability to view earthquake activity from around the world. You can access a complete list of all the latest earthquakes which is a great way to stay informed about global seismic activity and gain a deeper understanding of earthquake activity.

Overall, StationView is a powerful tool that offers a range of benefits to Raspberry Shake users. Whether you’re monitoring your own Shake device or exploring earthquake activity around the world, StationView provides a wealth of information and tools to help you stay informed and engaged with our living, breathing, shaking planet.

Deep dive into Raspberry Shake data with DataView

DataView is a powerful browser-based software application that provides advanced users with the ability to view data from all Raspberry Shake stations in one place. The software enables users to visualize seismograms and spectrograms from all channels, including geophone vertical/horizontal, accelerometer, and infrasound over all time.

One of the main benefits of DataView is the convenience it provides. With all of the data from Raspberry Shake stations in one place, users can easily access and compare data from different stations. This can be particularly useful for researchers or advanced enthusiasts, who may wish to examine data from multiple stations and channels to make informed conclusions about seismic activity.

Another benefit of DataView is the variety of data that can be visualized. Users can view seismograms and spectrograms from all channels, providing a comprehensive understanding of the seismic activity being recorded. This can be especially useful for those who are interested in tracking and monitoring seismic activity, such as seismologists or geophysicists.

DataView also provides various viewing options, such as Live Stream, Helicorder, and Multi-stream Data, allowing users to customize their viewing experience to suit their needs. For example, the Live Stream view shows real-time seismogram and spectrogram activity of the selected station, while the Helicorder view displays all the data recorded in the last 24 hours on the selected station and channel. The multi-stream option allows users to compare data from multiple stations side-by-side. This feature is especially useful for detecting regional or global events, and for identifying common patterns among different stations.

Overall, DataView provides advanced users with a convenient and powerful tool for visualizing and comparing data from all Raspberry Shake stations. Its ability to display a variety of data from multiple channels in one place makes it a valuable resource for any user looking to dig into the data more deeply.

Unlock the full potential of your Shake with Raspberry Shake Online Software

In conclusion, the Raspberry Shake Ecosystem of software offers a wide range of benefits for any user interested in watching the Earth move. From real-time monitoring of seismic activity around the world to open data access and easy data visualization, the Raspberry Shake project provides tools that foster collaboration and enable users to contribute to a real seismic network.

By joining our citizen science movement, users can be part of a global community that is passionate about seismic research and making a difference in the world. We encourage readers to try out the ShakeNet Mobile App for Apple | Android, StationView, and DataView for themselves and discover the wealth of information that is available through Raspberry Shake.

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