Update 0.10 released. Includes GPS option.

We just released the 10th software update for Raspberry Shake. This update fixes a few minor bugs that were reported on the Google Group and adds some new functionality.

As before, this and all future updates are automatic and do not require you to do anything. Within a week’s time, your Raspberry Shake will automagically update.

ver.10 includes:

  • Added support for Raspberry Jam Universal Digitizer
  • Expanded definition of a valid internet connection
  • Ensure data is delivered to the server in proper order, regardless of connection issues
  • Expanded myshake.out to include more useful information for troubleshooting
  • More detailed/ robust logging
  • Swarm upgraded to version 2.8.3
  • Loads of under-the-hood stuff to improve overall experience
  • For full details and links to updated documentation, please see the ChangeLog
  • More updates with new features to come soon! 

See here for the new SD card image (will be available in the coming days).

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