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Yes, it has! Raspberry Shakes are built on a volcano in a region with daily earthquakes.

Yes! And just with one click! You only have to select the sharing option and we do the rest. The data is sent to a cloud server and you will see a dot on the world map of all of the Shakes on line.

A single Raspberry Shake will allow you to estimate the distance to the earthquake as well as its magnitude. If you had data from several Shakes, you would be able to actually pinpoint the location of the earthquakes you see. If you share your data in real-time with the Raspberry Shake Community, our earthquake detection system will use your Raspberry Shake and all others in the network to accurately pinpoint the location.

Earthquake prediction is not possible. There are too many influencing factors and because of this earthquake prediction has never been done successfully. Imagine taking a pencil in your hands and bending it until it breaks. You can never be sure exactly when it is going to snap, because as the pencil goes from bending to snapping, the process is never the same. It depends on too many things like the kind of wood, the orientation of the wood grains, the relative humidity, the diameter of the lead, the thickness of the paint, etc.

The bigger the earthquake, the farther away you will be able to detect it. Raspberry Shake is best for local and regional earthquakes (250 miles / 400 km or less). It can register anything you can feel and many of the earthquakes you cannot feel.

Your Shake is a very sensitive motion detector. The best place to install it is in the quietest place you can find: a shed out in your yard, a corner in your garage, the basement, etc. Better yet a place with internet connection and far away from people and traffic.

Not at all! Sharing your data with the Raspberry Shake Community uses very little data (much less than streaming music for example).  Furthermore, it is happening in the background so it is unlikely you’ll even notice it.

Yes, it will work with any Raspberry Pi that has internet connectivity (Model B, Model B+, 2 Model B, 3 Model B, 4 Model B, Zero, Zero W).

Yes, as long as it is a 4.5 Hz geophone with a coil resistance of 380 ohms. Contact us if you have any questions or want to double check that your geophone is compatible.

Yes! Raspberry Shake is a portable device, so you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go. You don’t even need internet connection, since you can run it on a local network.

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