“Movers & Shakers” – First Virtual Meetup 2021

April is Citizen Science month and this year we have something special planned… Our first ever Raspberry Shake virtual “Movers & Shakers” meetup event!

Join us to discover how Raspberry Shake is bridging the gap between the citizen science and professional seismologist communities.

Recording of the Meetup

The Speakers

Thomas Lecocq

Thomas Lecocq is a Seismologist at the Royal Observatory of Belgium and was the lead author of the paper. He created the original open source code to process the seismic data which resulted in many others using it to show a decrease in seismic noise as a result of the coronavirus lockdown measures.

Mark Vanstone

Mark Vanstone is a secondary school science teacher, working in Cornwall, UK and co-author of the study. He is an incredibly active member of our community and created a program of his own to plot how earthquakes travel through our planet and are picked up on Raspberry Shake seismographs around the world.

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Citizen Science Month 2021

The Raspberry Shake community is growing which in turn means that our community seismic network has more seismographs on the map, helping contribute to faster and more accurate ground motion and earthquake detection.

So is the data from your Raspberry Shake really being used by the experts?


Our citizen science community of Shakers made the headlines last year as part of a research paper published in Science to examine the global quieting of our planet during the COVID 19 lockdown. Data from the Raspberry Shake network was heavily used in the study with 76 co-authors from around the world contributing to the paper, including both citizen and professional scientists (Lecocq, et al., 2020).

Our “Movers & Shakers” virtual meetup will hear from two of the authors of the paper featured in Science, Thomas Lecocq and Mark Vanstone. Join us as they explore how Raspberry Shakes are bridging the gap between citizen science and professional communities.

Event Details

Date Thursday April 08, 2021
Time 2pm ET (18:00 UTC)
Location Online
Main Theme How Raspberry Shakes bridge the gap between citizen science and professional communities
Topics Science, Openness, Community/ Accessibility
Speakers Thomas Lecocq
Mark Vanstone
Moderator Branden Christensen
Duration Approximately 2 hours, including a Q&A session
Who is it for? This event is open to anyone with an interest, even if you don’t have a Raspberry Shake. Please invite your friends and family!