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Raspberry Shake Publications & Case Studies





For peer-reviewed scientific research papers published using data from the Raspberry Shake Network, please use DOI: 10.7914/SN/AM

Citizen seismology helps decipher the 2021 Haiti earthquake

“A network of citizen seismometers installed in 2019 provided near-field data critical to rapidly understand the mechanism of the mainshock and monitor its aftershock sequence”

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Global quieting of high-frequency seismic noise due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown measures

“We compiled a global seismic noise dataset using vertical-component seismic waveform data from 337 broadband and individually operated citizen seismometer stations (24), such as Raspberry Shakes”

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“Saving Precious Seconds”—A Novel Approach to Implementing a Low-Cost Earthquake Early Warning System with Node-Level Detection and Alert Generation

“This paper presents findings from ongoing research that explores the ability to use Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)-based technologies and various digital communication protocols for earthquake early warning (EEW).”

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rsudp: A Python package for real-time seismic monitoring with Raspberry Shake instruments

“Raspberry Shake seismographs are commonly used in schools, by Shake community members, and other individuals having no formal training in seismology. The existence of this class of instruments highlighted the need for easy-to-use visualization and notification software to complement these devices.”

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Raspberry Shake Instruments Provide Initial Ground‐Motion Assessment of the Induced Seismicity at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project in Cornwall, United Kingdom

“Raspberry Shake (RS) seismographs offer the potential for affordable and citizen‐led seismic monitoring in areas with few publicly available seismometers, especially in previously quiescent regions experiencing induced seismicity. ”

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Separating and denoising seismic signals with dual-path recurrent neural network architecture

“Separation of overlapping signals is an important task in signal processing, with application in music, speech, and seismic signal processing. We show that separation is possible also for seismic recordings, using techniques from machine learning (and even those recorded with a single sensor).”

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Impact of an educational program on earthquake awareness and preparedness in Nepal

“Scientific education of local communities is key in helping to reduce the risk associated with natural disasters such as earthquakes.”

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Engaging Citizen Seismologists Worldwide

“Most of what we know about Earth’s structure, dynamics, hazards, resources and exploration for raw materials comes from seismology.”

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Do Low-Cost Seismographs Work Well Enough for Your Network? An Overview of Laboratory Tests and Field Observations of the Raspberry Shake 4D

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En Español, Abstract in English:

Instrumentación Sísmica y Monitoreo de Salud Estructural en Edificaciones
Indispensables. Caso de Estudio: TORRE SIATA. [Monitoreo de Edificios]

Seismic Instrumentation and Structural Health Monitoring of Essential
Buildings. Case of Study: SIATA Tower. [Building Monitoring]

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Is the RaspberryShake 3D seismometer a valuable sensor for monitoring unstable rock compartments?

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Raspberry Shake Sensor Field Tests for Unstable Rock Monitoring

In this work, we evaluate the performance of the Raspberry Shake 3D (RS-3D) seismometer in estimating the resonance frequencies of unstable rock blocks. In this perspective, we compared this low-cost sensor with the Nanometrics Trillium Compact 20s to assess whether RS-3D is suitable for the development of reliable rock monitoring systems.

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The Raspberry Shake vs. The Nanometrics Trillium Compact

How does the Raspberry Shake measure up against a broadband seismometer like the Nanometrics Trillium Compact? Click here to find out.


Landslide Detection at the Mount Meager Volcanic Complex

“We will be implementing the first rendition of a seismic monitoring system at the MMVC, using an industry-standard geophone and infrasound system, coupled with a weather station and a camera.”

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